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burner nozzles for glass furnaces and glory holes
The NEW Flame Retaining Ceramic Burner Nozzles

Paul Wilton has been providing state-of-the-art technical support for BLACKSHEEP GLASS and LESLIE WILTON ART GLASS since 1984. One clear need has been for a high-quality, long-lasting sealed ceramic burner. The Wilton Tech Flame Retaining Ceramic Burner Nozzle was developed to withstand the severe punishment encountered in day-to-day glass blowing operations. The flame retention design allows for faster light-ups, saving time and energy, and provides ultra-quiet operation without the high pitch whine or loud roaring rumble of some burner heads. The rugged construction combines a one-piece solid steel base with 3,400 degree castable to form a burner nozzle that will provide efficient, trouble-free service for many years.


The ceramic castable material used in these burner nozzles was specifically selected for its high resistance to thermal shock, erosion, and reducing atmospheres. The Burner Nozzle incorporates a rounded design both internally and externally to create proper mixture flow. These rounded features also increase the stability of the castable ( i.e. no square corners to crack ) and has the added advantage of lower noise. All burners are cured and personally inspected to provide an extra measure of quality control.

* No Flame Walk-Off
* Quick Light-Ups
* Rugged
* Quiet
* Efficient

Select from Large Medium and Small


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