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and glory holes
Paul Wilton grew up near Pittsburgh. In 9th Grade Paul won First Place in the Western Pennsylvania Industrial Arts Fair for a wood lathe. In 11th Grade he won First Prize again, this time for injection plastic molds, at that time a brand new field. By his Senior Year, Paul's projects were too complex and large to be included in student competitions. Among other things, Paul built a helicopter merry-go-round and donated it to the local Lion's Club. His path as an innovator and inventor, as well as compassionate friend to his community, was set.

After high school Paul joined the Navy and became well known for his ability to build anything, fix anything and design efficient systems. Paul changed the systems by which the small Liberty boats were loaded onto the larger ships, saving 12 minutes per boat, which in time of war is a significant protection of life and equipment.

Paul Wilton, inventor and also a very good cook, holds
one of his popular burners in front of a glass furnace
at the Blacksheep Glass Studio
Since 1984 Paul has invented and developed dozens of products in support of the glass blowing industry. These include a raw glass mixing machine, many furnaces, special pneumatic doors for the glory holes, a hot pick-up oven, a variety of kilns, annealers,a rotating pot furnace, grinding machines, saws, skylights, and on and on.

At Kellogg American Paul received a $25,000 award for redesigning a process in the manufacturing of air compressors.

In the early 80s, Paul decided to return to the San Diego area, where he met and eventually married Leslie Means Wilton, a well-known glass artist.


Then one day in 1987, a burner nozzle was not available from a local source. The rest is history to the benefit of the glass industry worldwide. Paul received patents for his nozzle designs in 1992 and receives praise and orders from enthusiastic users on an almost daily basis.

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